About Us
Who We Are

Our Mission

To service the industry with knowledge and security that can only be provided by people with experience. ALR will provide quality and affordability whilst demonstrating the highest levels of integrity and service.

Our Values

To treat all customers as we ourselves would like to be treated. Importance, urgency, professionalism with a high focus custom centric values.

Our Solution

To provide old fashioned sales with knowledge surrounding the product in which we support. ALR
Australian Lifting & Rigging is an import business and wholesaler of high quality rigging equipment suited to the mining, construction and all Materials Handling Industries. Our target is to supply sales through experience and industry knowledge culminating with 30years of rigging experience.
Sourced from the most suited suppliers both locally and abroad ALR delivers results and closure to all your problems. ALR provides the answers where our competitors look for escape. We can provide Custom Branded equipment to increase your exposure through our multiple offshore partners. Call us to experience the difference in service that only qualified Riggers can offer.

30 years of industrial experience

Insight from hands on work in the field, lifting and lashing.


ALR’s experience in mining spans decades of supporting Australia’s leading mining companies from coal, iron ore etc, through to smaller engineering firms who work in support of these industries is equally important to us. ALR has worked on complex issues involved in lifting and moving the some of the largest objects seen on our work sites.


An industry in which we understand the customers need for service in timely manner backed by our knowledge and ability to problem solve in the first instance. ALR offers construction companies a one stop approach to lifting, rigging, consultation and deliver’s quality outcomes to your business.
Materials Handling

Materials Handling

ALR can provide the solution to all Materials Handling problems. ALR has the ability to source from the globe to bring to your business an unequalled network of high quality equipment to your fingertips.

Experienced in Supply and Use

Around the world, across industries.
Matt Mollross

Matt Mollross

Known in the business for getting things done, Matt's experience covers mining, construction and all materials handling industries. The last 30years has seen Matt involved with large complex rigging solutions pertaining to a wide scope of industries. Recently he has been involved in load restraint development and advanced design of chain and lever hoists. He partners the most reputable supplier in his industry and has formed the most recent success in bring Australian Lifting & Rigging to assist the Industry in its endeavor to have high continuity of supply with quality and affordability
Quality you can trust
ALR conducts regular visit to all our suppliers to ensure conformance to our high standards. ALR audits its suppliers on many levels including but not limited to worker conditions and quality control. All our products are tested in relation to the relevant standard and in most cases we increase testing for our own record. ARL also offers customers the chance to visit our factories to see first hand what is meant by quality.